More Sh*t people say in LA — Environment

by Lindsay Gallagher on 02/11/2012

I sat down to write a blog about being a “ballet mom,” but I couldn’t help myself — I had one more (hopefully!) list of things we say in LA.

  1. Did you see the sunset?
  2. It’s freezing in my house.
  3. It was so hot the thermometer broke.
  4. Our power has been out since the windstorm.
  5. I smell fire.
  6. There’s ash all over my car.
  7. The air is too bad today to let the kids play outside.
  8. We have drought tolerant landscaping.
  9. We caught a lizard in our living room.
  10. That was a rat.
  11. I just saw a raccoon.
  12. There was a coyote on the golf course.
  13. I almost hit an antlered buck driving down from Beachwood Canyon.
  14. It has to rain eventually – right?
  15. The opossum that lives in the hedge at school had babies – you have to see them.
  16. My lips are so chapped.
  17. Can you believe this rain?  I mean, of course, I want it to rain, we certainly need rain, but enough already.
  18. Did you see the double rainbow?  Everyone was pulled over on the side of the road taking pictures with their iPhones.
  19. The air was so clear today I could see the BBQs in the yards of the houses in the Hollywood Hills.
  20. You may not get into that pool until you put on your sunblock.
  21. I never go out of my house with out at least 50SPF.
  22. I can’t go out without my hat.
  23. I have to get a mole checked.
  24. Look at the smog.
  25. Fucking leaf blowers.
  26. It’s earthquake weather.
  27. Did you feel that?  My piano moved.
  28. Did you smell the night jasmine?
  29. I was coming home on the 110 and the view of the snow-covered mountains blew my mind.  I’m surprised I didn’t get in an accident.
  30. Go outside right now and look at the moon.
  31. There were people surfing during the tsunami warning.
  32. Did you see the big waves on the news?
  33. It’s an El Niño year.
  34. It a La Niña year.
  35. How’s the snow at Mammoth?
  36. The PCH is closed because of a landslide.
  37. There’s a chopper with a big light searching my backyard.
  38. I heard it was a home invasion.
  39. Was their alarm on?  Do they have a dog?
  40. Lindsay Lohan was on Larchmont today – I was almost killed by a paparazzi.
  41. We went to the beach for New Year’s Day.
  42. Kids, stay away from that sea lion!
  43. I swam with dolphins.
  44. Lets heat the pool for Christmas, or at least the hot tub.
  45. It sure is a beautiful day.   We are so lucky.



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  1. 02/11/2012Christina Simon says:

    Hilarious! I’ve heard a lot–but not all–of these and I grew up in LA:)

  2. 02/11/2012Lexi Conrad says:

    I just said “Fucking leaf blowers” this morning. To my ten year old. Who replied, unphased, “Have you seen a picture of Beyonce’s baby?”

  3. 02/11/2012Lindsay Gallagher says:

    Lol! I forgot: Hummingbird! And, Parrots!

  4. 02/11/2012Pauline Gaines says:

    Right on the money! I feel incredibly guilty because we are only partially drought-tolerant.

  5. 02/11/2012Zoe says:

    great pic of the kids and the seal, or sea lion

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